Bible Delivery dangerous journey

Dangerous Conditions Mark the Bible Delivery Journey…

Encouraging Bible delivery testimonies abound as we travel into remote areas like dangerous Colombia -Venezuela border.   

Praise God—the Lord has raised many pastors and evangelists to work under challenging conditions with little or no outside support. I recently met with two believers who work with one remote tribe. They (along with their families) have been listening to us on the radio for twenty years. Congregations they minister to are thriving even though no one has had a Bible in their language until now. This predicament is rapidly changing since we have printed 10,000 New Testaments in their language.  

Bible Distribution Difficulties 

The Bible distribution for SOM International is quite a challenge due to the topography of the vast area where the tribal believers are located. It takes a lot of faith and courage first because the roads are unimproved and bridges nonexistent. Furthermore, there seems to be a virtually never-ending supply of nefarious characters that run drugs or contraband.

In addition to the pressing need for more Bibles, we also pray for key workers who have been faithful. We need the Lord to provide better sound equipment, better vehicles, boats, outboard motors, motorcycles, sheets of tin roofing for prayer chapels, and so on.

Those who are massively turning to the Lord soon find themselves in a problematic economic predicament. Especially when they refuse to participate in any illicit activities surrounding them.

God’s Power Upon the Simple

One of the pastors drives an old beat-up motorcycle (sometimes with his wife and daughter on the back) into remote farms and villages. Gas stations and convenience stores are nonexistent or very far apart. He may have to walk to the nearest house about ten minutes away if he breaks down.

Moreover, he does not even own a cell phone. And even if he did, he would have to drive a long way to find a signal. He knows there will be no extensive offerings—maybe no offering at all. But the call of God is on his life, and his ministry is thriving spiritually. Powerful conviction of the Holy Spirit accompanies his witness, and Bible deliveries are making it to the people.

Thank you so much for your support. Pray about investing in Kingdom work in South America.

Authored by Russell Stendal