India Church Planter Faces Challenges

Firstly, in Acts 13, the Holy Spirit calls out Paul and Barnabas to go into the ministry of church planting.

For example, imagine a world, such as India, where almost everyone and everything is against you. In other words, the religious establishment is against you. Meanwhile, the government is against you. In addition, your own family is against you.  Likewise, Satan is against you. Who is with you? Therefore, consider the following challenges facing the India church planter.

Challenges of India Church Planting:

  • The church planter will often face criticism, rejection and opposition. (See Bible verses: Acts 14:1-7, 19, Acts 16:22-24,  Acts 17:16-21, Acts 19)
  • The planter is often misunderstood. (and these verses Acts 14:11-15 Pisidian Antioch, Acts 16:19-21 Thessalonica, Acts 17:6b, Acts 17: 20 Athens)
  • The church planter encounters jealousy and bad feelings from the religious leaders. (Acts 13:45, 46 Pisidian Antioch, Acts 17:5 Thessalonica)
  • The leader must cultivate and break new ground in the community by introducing the critical concept of Jesus’ new Kingdom. (Acts 13, 14, 16, 17)
  • The Leader must take great risks in bringing about spiritual change in the Lord. Therefore, the Planter risks his reputation, his family, his relationships, and his future.

A Year in the Life of the India Church Planter

Nevertheless, in church planting ministry there are measureless joys and blessings.

The Joys of Planting:

  • Seeing new people come to Christ as the gospel goes forth. Experiencing great joy with the new lives in Christ. (Acts 13:47-51, Pisidian Antioch)
  • Households are transformed. (Acts 16:31-34; Philippian jailer)
  • Eager devotees of Christ are eager to learn. (Acts 17:10-23, Berea)
  • Opportunities abound to engage community leaders, such as in Athens. (Acts 17)
  • Communities are impacted for Christ. (Acts 14 Derbe, Acts 17, Thessalonica, Berea)
Most importantly, SOM International is supporting over 55 church planting schools (globally) in 2021, with an estimated over 1600 church planters.

In conclusion, the turbulent environment is great ground for building faith and growing leaders. That is to say, the Lord is opening opportunities to cross untapped barriers. Above all, He continues to expand outreach in width, depth, and breadth. Pray for SOM International church planters to continue to risk themselves for the sake of Jesus Christ.