Fearless Love in the Midst of Terror: God’s Heart for the Muslim World

Despite differing perspectives between Muslims and Christians, the love of Christ opens doors to shared understanding and an opportunity to connect. Making friends with Muslims is a memorable experience!

What do Christians have in common with Muslims?

 Both Muslims and Christians trace their lineage back to Abraham, albeit through different branches. Moreover, Muslims are the children of Abraham through his son Ishmael and have a unique place in God’s story. On the other hand, Christians connect through faith, following the line of Abraham’s son Isaac, and Christ is the bridge!

How can Christians better relate to Muslims and understand God’s vision?

Dive into the matter in the SOM featured book Fearless Love in the Midst of Terror. The authors, David Witt and Mujahid El Masih, address the tremendous opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims who benefit greatly from hearing the message.

In this book, you’ll gain profound insights into:

  • The basic teachings and tenets of Islam.
  • Discovering how God gives faith that overcomes the fear of suffering and death.
  • Effective methods for reaching out to Muslims.
  • Understanding how a fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ grows fearless love.

The biblical teaching of martyrdom is a call to purposeful living and a bold witness of faith! Furthermore, the book includes fifty true stories of courageous Christians and illustrations to bring encouragement, inspiration, and hope in precarious days!

What Is Martyrdom?

Fearless Love contrasts Islamic martyrdom with biblical martyrdom. Conversely, the meaning of the word “martyr” in Islam and Christianity differs.

In the Muslim world, the word “martyr” refers to someone who has died for their faith as a hero for Allah. The Christian martyr is motivated by the sacrificial love of Christ.

The Bible connects the idea of “martyrdom” with “witness” in Acts 1:8. It’s noteworthy that the literal word for witness in Greek is “martus.” The Bible teaches that believers can be living martyrs by giving up themselves to Christ in whatever way He has chosen to use us! If we live in love instead of selfishness, we give up ourselves and trust God to use believers who surrender no matter the cost.

Why Engage with “Fearless Love”?

In our current era, more Muslims are coming to Christ worldwide than at any time in history. Through the guidance of SOM International, leaders are being developed in Muslim nations that have been hostile to Christ for thousands of years.

Order and read this book to understand how God pours his transformative grace upon the rebels’ hearts and those far from him.

Fearless Love inspires fervent prayer for Muslims and also invites you to hear powerful stories of coming to faith in Christ. Available in print, e-book, and audiobook formats (CD or MP3 download), Fearless Love is a resource that promises to enrich your understanding and inspire your own spiritual journey.