Anticipation has been building in Venezuela for many months amidst the Piaroa Tribe. After working for 25 years, a Bible translator has recently completed the entire Bible, and the first shipment of Bibles are finally being distributed. 


Transporting these Bibles over the dangerous, muddy, and drenched roads is no small feat. The thousands of Bibles are boxed and have to be loaded and unloaded onto big trucks and barges to cross the river. This river crossing is one of the most dangerous borders in the world. After all, the long-awaited day has finally arrived when the people can read the Word of God in their heart language. Thank you, Jesus!!

Why The New Translation of the Bible is Vital


Critically, what does this mean for this tribe of over 100,000 souls? 

Having the Bible in your language: 

  • Connects people directly to the LIFE, teaching, and ministry of Christ
  • Strengthens marriage and family relationships
  • Builds up leaders to shepherd and to care for the flock 
  • Builds strong disciples grounded in the Word
  •  Restores broken lives
  •  Teaches the nature, mission, and purposes of God (Father, Son, Spirit) 
  •  Provides guidance, wisdom, encouragement, and direction for believers


What’s Next for the Bibles? Please Pray!


Sending the Bibles is so essential, but there is still much to do in distributing the Bible, teaching the Bible, and encouraging a God-centered life. 


Lastly, pray for the Lord to raise and strengthen leaders who will know how to shepherd and teach the Word. Pray for the Holy Spirit to use the Word to bring unity among believers. Even though thousands are being distributed freely, there are not enough Bibles for every individual, so pray that families share. Pray the lost would be willing to receive the Word of God and obey. May the Word of God bless the relationships with other tribes. We pray for many tribal people to take the gospel to neighboring tribes and villages. 


Despite the huge win of the Bibles being printed, many millions in South America still need to hear of the Soul Saving HOPE of Jesus Christ. Prayerfully consider joining the ranks of many who are already blessed to support the work. Don’t miss the great opportunity.