Spirit of Martyrdom International has a Unique, Name Your Own Price, Christian Book Store!

Discover a Christian book retailer with no set prices, so feel free to name your price. Our ministry focuses on serving the Church at risk and supporting believers in restricted nations who are persecuted for their faith. In this spirit, we offer a remarkable range of God-honoring books. And the best part? You decide the price that feels right for you!

Why does SOM offer affordable Christian books?

We are glad and willing to share affordable Christian resources because we’re not just about books. We’re about stories of overcoming hardship that can encourage and strengthen the body of Christ! Ready to dive into this collection? Our Spirit of Martyrdom Christian bookstore is accessible through our website at www.SpiritofMartyrdom.com.

When you shop in the SOM bookstore, here’s what awaits you:

  • Numerous missionary stories
  • Teaching books by multiple authors
  • Gripping missionary accounts with stories of adventurers serving God no matter the cost
  • Christian picture books and captivating comics that will draw children into powerful stories of people living for the Gospel and seeing God at work!

That’s not all! SOM also offers several writings on different books of the Bible. Currently, the Jubilee Bible is in our bookstore, with the Spanish version soon to follow! Plus, many of our Christian books are available in digital form as an e-book and books on CD.

Order a Christian book today.

Like our affordable Christian books, the shipping costs are very reasonable. Our devoted team stands ready to serve you in any way we can. As you explore our Christian bookstore, you’ll gain a wellspring of inspiration. We invite you to allow the Lord’s guidance to flow through these pages as you intercede for believers facing adversity. Acquire a book today and see how the Lord will inspire and guide your prayers for believers at risk. Start your journey with a book and be part of a community united in faith and courage.