My father told me the story of Moses praying over the mountain with his hands lifted up while Joshua and the people of Israel fought against their enemies. By telling the story he shared an example of how the body of Christ should operate (Exodus 17:11-13).  My father reminded our family, “There are people in the frontline of the battle who are fighting against the enemy in a very difficult way.”  “There are also people like Moses, praying for those who fight. Those prayer warriors get tired because of the intensity of the battle. They also need support from others as they raise up their hands to the Lord.”  That is how we sometimes feel as we travel to deliver Bibles and portable water treatments systems to communities in Latin America.

Clean Water in Latin America

Off-Grid Adventure Delivering Portable Water Treatment Systems

Earlier this year, we took the long trip to the border region to engage the people we serve.  Our journey’s purpose was to supervise the distribution of Bibles, and Christian literature, as well as radio broadcasting.

We loaded a portable water treatment system into the truck, for a delivery to a Christian family located in the little town on the border.

Russell, Marina and I began our three to four day driving trip to the base located in the frontier. We crossed over the mountains, and then we traveled over long plains that seemed to never end. We continued to drive over bad roads (or no roads at all) for hours and hours.

The more we advanced deeper off the grid, the more we risked road blocks, kidnapping, extortion etc. There is no way to do this without a 4×4 truck and it’s easy to get stuck in the deep mud on the roads. If stuck, the next town is hours away on foot. There is rarely cell phone signal or internet along the way.

I learned much enroute, but what I learned next was different. It had to do with how Bibles are delivered. After many hours of transporting the Bibles and materials, they are dismounted and loaded into large boats.

The boats travel over a week stopping in different towns until finally our team of volunteers (most of them indigenous Christian natives) receive them at our base.

After waiting for decades with intense prayer, the people receive the Bibles with great joy!

Mutual Gratitude  for the Portable Water Treatment Systems

Portable Water Treatment SystemWhen we got to the very poor town, a teenager and his father came out from a very humble house made of wooden boards and roof of rusty metal sheets.  There were a couple of chickens on the ground, and family sent two turkeys with us in the truck as a gesture of gratitude.

Russell came out of the truck and began to talk with the father about the radio transmitter they were taking care of, and I went inside their home to talk with the teenager. I was impressed with this sharp young man who was very proud of his Christian family heritage. He introduced himself by saying, “We are the people from the Lord who take care of this town.”  Those are tremendous words from a fifteen-year-old in such living conditions.

Faithful Service – Portable Water Treatment Systems Making Life-Changing Impact

The teenager showed me how they were purifying the river water using two buckets and a piece of stone. He and his father were eager to learn how to operate the new portable water system and quickly put the water system into use. This young man wants to study environmental management to someday help his town with their struggles. He and his family live in a hostile place, with no security, little food, and a lot of persecution by neighbors.

This family made an impact on me. With so much stress around the world, this family is content to serve Christ with strong faith in such times. This family are great examples for us all to keep praying and supporting those on the frontline of the battle. These are real people from the LORD who proclaim the GOSPEL of hope that Jesus is the King.

If you are like this family living in difficulties and struggles, the Lord Jesus is with you fighting that battle. If you feel like Moses in communion with the LORD praying for those who are fighting, do not get tired and keep your hands up. And if you are like Aaron and Hur, please keep supporting those who are working for God’s Kingdom. Do not let them lower their arms.

Keep Fighting for the Incorruptible Treasures.


By Sammy Hernandez