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The SOM online Christian Bookstore carries titles from David Witt, Russell Stendal, Alethia Stendal, Patricia Carlson Stendal, Richard Wurmbrand, Jerry Mattix, Bob Fu, and many other authors.  Most of our authors serve in full time ministry across the globe or previously served in a high-risk area. We also distribute the Jubilee Bible. When you donate for a book or resource in our online store, you have the opportunity to support a leader inside the Church at Risk.

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Below are the English books that are most commonly ordered from our online Christian bookstore.


Fearless Love In the Midst of Terror

by David Witt and Mujahid El Masih

Fearless Love lies at the very foundation of SOM’s ministry.  Fearless Love gives answers and tools to overcome terrorism by transformation. You will learn about the basic teachings of Islam, how God gives faith that overcomes the fear of suffering and death, and how to reach out to Muslims. Most importantly, you will learn how a fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ brings us to a growing fearless love.