A Minnesota Mom – Volume 2

This is the story of a Christian girl that grows up during the hardships of the depression, and then the trials of the WWII era, pursues a teaching career, and eventually becomes a Minnesota wife and mother. This is also the story of how this mother and her husband follow a dream to preach the gospel as missionaries in a foreign land, and how The Lord’s Grace cleared obstacles so they could carry out His purpose.

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A Minnesota Mom – Volume 2 – A Vision Is Formed

Written by Patricia Carlson Stendal

This is the story of a 1960 Minnesota mother who struggles to keep up with three small children and housework. Barely able to cope, even with all the modern American conveniences, she panics when her husband begins to talk about volunteering to go to a primitive mission field.

Volume 2: A Vision Is Formed

Tells the story of a timid little girl growing up in a strict, Christian family in the ’30’s, how she struggles with fears and phobias through WWII and the ’40’s and finally becomes a Minneapolis elementary teacher a Minnesota mother of some unusual children. Tells how in answer to their little son’s prayers and the Lord’s grace working in their lives, she and her civil engineer husband, together with their three small children overcome obstacles and present themselves to be trained for foreign missionary service among primitive people.

Patricia C. Stendal

I was born in South Dakota, grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Social Studies. I am particularly interested in American History and American Indians.

I married Chadwick M. Stendal, a civil engineer, and taught in the Minneapolis Public schools. We had three children in Minneapolis, and later a fourth child, who was born in Colombia, South America.

In 1964 we went to Colombia, South America to live with a primitive Indian tribe. Presently we have 15 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. My interests remain American history, Indians of North and South America, reading, writing, education of Indian children, cross-stitch, and World News. In March 2015, my husband Chadwick M. Stendal passed on to his heavenly home. During the year of 2016, 5 new grandchildren, including twins, were added to our family. I continue to live in Colombia, South America and have the plan to write one more book during 2017.