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What is the greatest danger to the Christian life? Is it the government or the next pandemic? Is it the wrath of unbelievers or exposure to their lifestyles? The life of a committed Christian is often fraught with difficulty and danger, yet this is not something that should be seen as abnormal.

The apostle Paul dealt with trials and was in jeopardy throughout his entire ministry, even to the point of being incarcerated for his faith. Even so, he knew that the greatest danger to the Christian life comes from within us. Namely, the insatiable and unchecked desires of the flesh, of which he also referred to as the “old man.”

Paul understood that the flesh must be dealt with before believers can ever come to maturity in Christ, therefore this was a matter he addressed within most of his epistles. In totality, Paul teaches that we must be crucified with Christ so that we can live by the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh. This is because he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but he that sows in the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap eternal life (Galatians 6:8).

How can this be our reality? In this latest book, The Prize of the High Calling of God, author Russell M. Stendal examines the entirety of the epistles Paul wrote while imprisoned in Rome. As always, with Russell’s gift for seeing both the finer details and the larger picture, he helps the reader to see that they can individually take hold of what God has for them, in Christ, and by the Holy Spirit.

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The Prize of the High Calling of God: A concise study of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Titus, and Philemon

Do you ever feel like your Christian walk has become ineffective? As though the power to overcome sin, the world, the flesh, and the devil has somehow escaped you? Or that the Christian life is not turning out the way you anticipated or was told to expect? Perhaps you have been hurt in some way, or by someone you thought was in the faith but failed to set the example.

The apostle Paul has a pattern in his epistles of laying out exactly how we are redeemed and transformed from the inside out. Then he describes how the results should show forth on the outside, regarding our behavior. Frustration is in store for those who would miss, or fail to understand and experience, the baptism that can only be accomplished by Jesus. Likewise, they would miss the work to be done in their heart by the circumcision made without hands, of which Paul writes in Colossians.

Despite endless persecution and difficulties, Paul was an overcomer because he keenly understood what God’s plan is for bringing a new creation out of the old. By the power of the Holy Spirit he instructed and encouraged believers until they came to maturity in the Christ.

If you are a committed believer, this book will greatly encourage you to pursue the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. If you are not, or you are unsure if you are, this book may challenge you to dig deeper and to seek God with all your heart. If for no other reason, you will want to read it to keep pressing into the truth, which in the highest sense is Jesus himself.

About Russell Stendal

Russell M. Stendal, is the editor and translator of the Jubilee Bible (JUB) and Biblia del Jubileo (JBS) translations that are published in English and in Spanish. Well over a million copies of the Biblia del Jubileo have been donated and distributed into the most impoverished areas of Colombia and Venezuela.

Russell Stendal was born in Minneapolis and raised on the mission field in Colombia, South America. He became a missionary jungle pilot at age nineteen. Almost ten years later he was kidnapped in 1983 by Marxist rebels and held hostage for five months. Russell has written many other books, produced videos, and produced the two aforementioned Bible translations.

Russell heads up the work of Colombia Para Cristo, which operates 12 radio stations involving over 100 staff and co-workers and covering much of Latin America with the Gospel. A thriving, underground church has developed in remote jungle areas of Colombia. New, high-gain antennas now beam the Gospel message deep into areas of deepening crisis across the borders of Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil as well as throughout Colombia.

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