Russell Stendal wrote three books sharing how he overcame great danger and adversity while reaching out to the people of Colombia.

Rescue the Captors

…tells the story of his guerrilla kidnapping and 5-month captivity in the jungles of Colombia, South America.

Russell Stendal was a jungle pilot, and the Marxist guerrillas held him for ransom at gunpoint. Every day he faced the prospect of death. With little to do, he started writing about his experience. His book became a bridge to the men holding him captive. He would do his best to share God’s love with them; many became his friends. God was truly using him to Rescue the Captors!

Rescue the Captors 2

…picks up the story of Russell Stendal years after his jungle captivity in Colombia. He had done his best to make friends with his captors and to show them God’s love. Now many of those same jungle guerrillas were holding leadership positions in Colombia! God was pulling it all together to use Russell Stendal to make a difference in the warring factions in Colombia! Rescue the Captors 2 shows how God works difficult situations together for good!

Hidden Agenda

The Hidden Agenda is written by Russell Stendal and his daughter Alethia Stendal. They each tell of their experiences dealing with the feared Colombian leaders. Whether Army generals, guerrilla or paramilitary commanders, they were witnessing each one’s heart softening and beginning to embrace the truths of God! The Hidden Agenda tells the story of history-in-the-making as Colombia turns its back on hate and embraces the gospel of Jesus!

La Montana

La Montana is a video produced by Lisa and Alethia Stendal. La Montana tells the true story of how a guerrilla commander is inadvertently given the phone number of the head paramilitary leader! Through humorous confusion, the two sworn enemies end up face-to-face in an emotional encounter unveiling the core of Colombia’s conflict! Can these two enemies find peace after a lifetime of war?