SOM International India:

Mending Old Garments to Refresh as New

Empowering Women through Sewing & Discipleship Schools


“Behold I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)


My husband died in 2018 and my life was filled with great distress. Living in my small village in India, I felt insignificant and each day was filled with emptiness because of the death of my husband. I became isolated from my community. The feelings of pain, suffering, and desertion overwhelmed me, yet this situation led me to search for answers.

Christ filled the huge void in my soul. I became friends with many women who are a part of the Sewing/Discipleship School in my area. I felt more and more of the burden to share the love of Jesus with people. I needed to have fellowship with Christians. My story is about how the Lord moved me past broken relationships and my great discouragement.

Through the ladies, I was able to hear about the sewing and discipleship schools in India. I met with one of the leaders who encouraged me, sharing that I could be filled with Christ and learn a skill to impact others. For years I struggled with the idea wondering if my life had any value. I felt so worthless and thought that nobody would ever need my service.

Thank God! My Sewing/Discipleship training taught me I have the great gift of the Holy Spirit. In my walk with Jesus, I have learned that I am valuable in His sight. Learning this truth and experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit changed the way l lived and served others.

The new trade opened doors for me to connect and serve people whole-heartedly. I am enjoying getting to know many villagers. Sometimes, I get the opportunity to sew old clothes that a regular tailor will not stitch. Whether I stitch old clothes or new clothes, I treat all the people in the same way. The Lord has drawn many to my ministry, as the people feel safe and respected.

Once a poor woman walked up to my trade home with old clothes someone gave for her children. The clothes had been worn for many years. She was slow to approach me, but I took it as a great pleasure to stitch her old torn clothes. There was great unspeakable joy in her face when the clothes were restored and made whole.

In over two years, I have served, prayed, and shared the Gospel with hundreds of villagers. The Lord keeps making a way to mend up broken clothes and broken lives.

Pray for the Lord to continue to expand the vision for the Sewing/Discipleship Schools to the millions in India who still need the Love of Christ to mend their souls.