This is one of the biggest days of students’ lives.

Born into the rural, largely illiterate villages of India, the prospects of getting an education in the lower castes is extremely rare. Studying for a Christ-centered education opens doors of opportunity, previously unavailable.

Therefore, with great celebration 505 church planters and 150 sewing/discipleship workers graduated during the month of July 2020 in order to lead their ministries and to serve their communities. These students learned how to study God’s Word and to shepherd the flock that God called each one to feed.
(1 Peter 5:1-5)

Due to COVID-19, rather than a centralized graduation this year, each of the 15 regional schools held their own graduation services.

Students enjoyed the commemorative events with worship, celebration and dinner. At the reception, they received ministry tools including: a new Bible, a pastor’s manual, God Story resources, the Jesus movie DVD, and various other Christian books. The women who went through the sewing/discipleship training each joyfully received new sewing machines. SOM India Director Pastor Singh attests, “Praise God for the provision and thanks to all the partners who made this summer possible providing the resources to equip the students.”

The journey is just beginning so please PRAY for the following needs:

  • Pray for the church planters to have courage and boldness in engaging new villages and that many hearts become changed by faith.
  • Continue to pray for provision of another 1,000 bicycles for the church planters. Already, 505 students have completed their training and 461 students are beginning the new semester. The bicycles can literally help the gospel spread further and faster.
  • Sadly, two students passed away prior to graduation due to serious health issues. We honor their memories and their sacrifices. Pray for comfort, peace, and strength for their families.
  • Pray for the 19th class of students—and their leaders—who have just started in 15 schools across India preparing and equipping the next generation of church planters. Plus, another 20 sewing/discipleship training centers are equipping a new wave of women.