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Spirit of Martyrdom International

Serving the Living Martyrs

Our international leadership are “living martyrs” because their faithful and bold witness for Christ puts both their lives and their freedoms at risk. Likewise, our international network inspires us as fellow believers to lay down our lives in full surrender and obedience to God . . . with the same Spirit of Martyrdom that is exemplified in Jesus Christ.

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40% of the world’s population is considered unreached and has never heard about Jesus


Only 3% of all the money given to missions goes to those who are unreached.


100% of designated funds given to SOM International goes to supporting leaders serving in the riskiest and most unreached areas in the world.

Connect with the Persecuted Church

Connect with the Persecuted Church

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Inspirational Stories about the Church at Risk

SOM raises awareness and support for believers all over the world who are at risk because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  Here on our site, we give the latest updates from those who are serving internationally the persecuted church.

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