Testimony of a Church Planter in India…

I thank the Lord for His call upon my life during this global pandemic crisis. Due to the reduction of our work hours, I am experiencing much pressure to help our family survive. To make a living, I walk or take local transportation a few hours away. Still, the Lord has been meeting our needs in unforeseen ways.


The most significant burden I have is the eight or nine Hindu villages in my area have no connection to Christ. The greater the crisis, the more the despair, the more my faith has increased, and the deeper my passion has grown for the lost.


Church Planter Crying Out In Prayer for Transportation


I cried out to the Lord earnestly in prayer, “Lord, you know people in other villages do not know you and are dying. You love them so much as you love me. Help me get to the remote villages in my area and tell them of your love.”


Balancing time between work and ministry has been very difficult without transportation. During this season of prayer, I started dreaming about reaching more people. I rode a bicycle from village to village in one of my dreams, but I had no idea where to get the bike.


Church Planter’s Answered Prayer: a Bicycle


After months of prayer, my area leader called me, saying, “You are blessed with a new bicycle!” I was filled with great joy when I received this wonderful gift—what a fantastic tool. I’m now able to travel faster between work and the outreach to the villages. A fellow laborer rides with me each day on my bicycle to work. I can share the love of Jesus and gospel message with him. Many others look at me and wonder how I received this miraculous bicycle, giving glory to Jesus. The Lord has regularly opened the door to travel and reach five new remote villages, and two house churches have begun. Pray for the Lord to advance His work and more souls to find the Kingdom.


Thank you, SOM partners, for your prayers and support for the new bicycle for a church planter!